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Michael Zenreich is a graduate of Pratt Institute and the Yale School of Architecture. Prior to attending Yale he studied fine arts at Pratt Institute and was a professional photographer. He now practices Architecture in New York City and continues to pursue his interests in painting and photography.

A native New Yorker, Michael first became acquainted with the Merritt Parkway when he moved to New Haven to study at Yale University. His interest and admiration for the various bridges grew as he began to explore Connecticut. Realizing the difficulty of viewing the bridges while in motion, Michael was intrigued with the idea of recording them photographically. He wished to remove the bridges from the driving context, to allow the viewer to appreciate the unique design characteristics of each.

While in his last year at the Yale School of Architecture, along with a former classmate, Michael received The National Endowment of the Humanities "Youth Grant" to photograph and research the Merritt Parkway. Michael spent the summer of 1980 photographing the bridges with an 8 x 10 view camera.

In 2008 Michael had the negatives scanned and converted to digital format using modern technology to convey the beauty of these historic bridges

Michael is a long time resident of Westport, Connecticut.

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